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Lyan ([personal profile] flyforoneday) wrote2012-11-14 09:39 pm

comissions 2.0


Comment with a character/ some specific pictures you would like (pics must be clear, large and well lit or I will ask for another). Live action. First 3 will receive over the course of the weekend/week a one colored drawing like the samples provided at the bottom of this post -- digital camera pics during the week scans over the course of the weekend. If there's a higher demand yeah right it might take a little longer, depending on how difficult the images are.

I have no way to enforce this, but in return, give 30 points or more if you're feeling generous :D to someone you feel deserves them. If you need recommendations, I will be happy to supply them!


Important notes: 
* all fanart is done by hand, I cannot change anything once it's inked.
* all fanart is PICTURE BASED.
* No nsfw images will be accepted, I am a prude and am uncomfortable looking at them, sorry. I will however be happy to direct you to someone who isn't. c: