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2013-06-04 11:59 pm


no good deed goes UNREWARDED! \o/

1. Select a picture - LARGE plz, and well lit for details.

2. Get a black-white sketch of it like so~


3. Play paid fairy for one of a list of suggested journals.

4. Get a high quality scan of your fanart!

5. profit??
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2012-11-14 09:39 pm

comissions 2.0


Comment with a character/ some specific pictures you would like (pics must be clear, large and well lit or I will ask for another). Live action. First 3 will receive over the course of the weekend/week a one colored drawing like the samples provided at the bottom of this post -- digital camera pics during the week scans over the course of the weekend. If there's a higher demand yeah right it might take a little longer, depending on how difficult the images are.

I have no way to enforce this, but in return, give 30 points or more if you're feeling generous :D to someone you feel deserves them. If you need recommendations, I will be happy to supply them!


Important notes: 
* all fanart is done by hand, I cannot change anything once it's inked.
* all fanart is PICTURE BASED.
* No nsfw images will be accepted, I am a prude and am uncomfortable looking at them, sorry. I will however be happy to direct you to someone who isn't. c: 


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2012-09-30 06:46 am

fanart commissions!

taking commissions if there's any chance of anyone being interested…

Gonna start out taking the first three requests then see about taking more after they're filled.
Delivery should be in a week tops! 

IMPORTANT: All fanart is picture based.
black and white - 1 character
black and white - 1 character
black white and gray - 1 character 
black white and gray - 1 character
black white and gray - 2 characters  
black white and gray - 3 characters 

Prices: this is my first time doing something like this...I donno I hope these are ok :3 
1 character black and white – 30 dw points
1 character black, white and gray – 90 dw points
Additional character for either category – 30 dw points. Characters must have existing pictures together.

ALSO IMPORTANT: I do all my fanarting by hand. I cannot edit anything once I start painting. SO all changes must be done BEFORE I start painting. Otherwise it's a do-over. It's a NEW commission. 

LAST IMPORTANT NOTE I will not draw anything NSFW sorry. Those sort of images just make me terribly uncomfortable.